I have a list field of the type "Multiple Lines of Text". When I retrieve it in my code-behind using item["field"].ToString(), it prints out the text, but without line-breaks. How can I add line breaks to the text?

What I have:

<p>Text text text.
Text text text.
Text Text Text.</p>

What I want:

<p>Text text text.<br/>
Text text text.<br/>
Text Text Text.</p>

try using the below way:

1) While creating a multi-line list column, create as a enhanced rich text as below: enter image description here

2) While retrieving text using the below c# code

Using Span:

SPFieldMultiLineText mlt = list.Fields.GetField("MultiLineField") as SPFieldMultiLineText;
spanID.InnerHtml = mlt.GetFieldValueAsHtml(list["MultiLineField"] as string);

Using SharePoint TextBox:


<SharePoint:InputFormTextBox ID="txtID" runat="server" TextMode="MultiLine" RichTextMode="FullHtml" RichText="true" />

c# code:

txtID.Text = mlt.GetFieldValueAsHtml(list["MultiLineField"] as string);

The best solution I have found to retrieve HTML-formated text with line-brakes is replacement. SharePoint classes and methods didn't help.

Convert.ToString(item["field"]).Replace("\r\n", "<br>");

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