I created a webpage in HTML and CSS because I did not fee like dealing with branding or anything like that. I placed this HTML page into a webpage viewer and everything seemed to be working...until I started testing.

In the page I have a link to a web based info path form that employees can fill out and submit, once submitted the form redirects them back to the homepage. This all seemed to be working fine until I realized that it simply loaded the home page in the page viewer webpart/Iframe! so now it has a ribbon on top of a ribbon and just looks weird.

So my question is: 1) Is it possible to make a link in the Iframe/page viewer web part that will change the browser/page outside of the frame? 2) If so, where and how can I learn this syntax?

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Add target="_blank" to the link and it should open in a new tab/window.

  • I'm not sure that's what he wants. He needs to send a redirect / window.location from the child to the parent Oct 8, 2014 at 20:35

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