Working in SP13. I created a members group for my site and added the necessary individuals. On the site I created a page that inherited the same group permissions as the parent. However, there is one person that appears in the members group I do not want to have access to the page I created, but I want them to remain having access to the site.

One solution (that I think is not the best option) is to remove the group and add the names individually in the page permissions. This is not a good idea, because this will require more maintaining if someone leaves.

Does anyone know how I can block this one person from the page listed in members group, but not removing them from having access to the main site?

Thanks for your help


There is no explicit DENY when it comes to SharePoint permissions. In this case I would not use that particular group. I would create a new SharePoint group with all of the same members minus the individual(s) you do not want to have access to that page. I would stay away from assigning individual permissions on a user-to-user basis. You are absolutely correct that it becomes a bit of a maintenance nightmare when employees are onboarding, offboarding, or transferring to different positions in your company.


I am afraid you cannot achieve this as OOTB because you cannot assign distinct permissions to user in a Group. I.e if you create a SharePoint Group(defined at site collection level) and assign a permission level that will apply to all the user who are members of the group.

What i am thinking, you can create another group called Members-1 and put the user in that group. Other possible way(which you dont like) add users individually.

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