I've been moving subsites into their own site collections and am now in the process of removing the old subsites. I know I can go through the UI in "Site Actions" -> "Sites and workspaces" to remove the subsites effectively. The current path for both sites are root/sitecollection and root/subsite, both with the same name.

Would SPWeb target the subsite and SPSite target the collection given they both have the same path? Is there a way to see this difference in powershell?

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Browsing from site collection -> subsite would actually take me to the new site collection that I created since I added a managed path entry when creating the new site collection of the same name.

To remove the subsite I temporarily deleted the managed path for root/sitecollection which forced root/subsite to become active again along that path. I was then free to remove the subsite via site settings or powershell.

Afterwards I re-added the managed path and the root/sitecollection became active. I only had to do this because both subsite and sitecollection were named and pathed the same.


you can try ~sitecollection/path-in-root-site

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    Can you please add more details to this answer to make it helpful, it is not easy to understand what you are proposing Oct 14, 2014 at 18:13

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