I have custom list in which there are two mandatory fields, and I want to ask the user if he wants to again enter the new item after one item is created. I searched over the internet and found this link which triggers the click event of the save button. I placed the contnet editor web part in the NewForm.aspx and wrote the code as below:

<script src="/sites/zzz/Style%20Library/jquery.SPServices-0.7.2.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
     $('input[value=Save]').click(function() {       
        confirm('Do you want to enter the another record?');

But I want to trigger the function after the validations are fired and the item is saved to the list.

I have applied JSLink to one field in the NewForm also, can there be anything done using JSLink?

How do I accomplish this?

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I have debug code on Office 365 and SharePoint, and have behavior equals.

I see code onclick of the button SAVE: presaveitem

then, try create javascript file and add this method:

function PreSaveItem(){
// add other your codes
if(value == 'confirm'){
  return true; // allow save form...

return false; // not allow save form
// use return true; if confirm or return false...

this event triggered before on submit form.

and after, try add link Javascript to form or content editor web part.

Hope this help.


Notes: if want validate some fields manually, implements code validation inside of PreSaveAction().

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