I got a custom list with fairly standard columns:
- Single line of text
- Multiple lines of text
- Choice
- Number
- Yes/No

I set up a default alert on it, add an item, and just as expected, I get an email alert about the new item. Simple enough.

I then create a new view with the following filter:
- Show items only when the following is true:

Show the items when column
is equal to

I then create an alert with the following settings:
- Only send alerts when: All changes
- Send me an alert when: Someone changes an item that appears in the following view: [myNewView]

The issue now is when I create or edit an item that appears in the new view (items with [YesNoColumn] == Yes), I do not get an alert at all.

I've looked around and found that alerts won't work views with filter on system-generated/calculated columns. I'm not sure if this is related though as I do not have a calculated field on my list.

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Did some testing and it seems that filters on some column types doesn't cause alerts to go off.

Examples of column types that work on alerts on views with filters:

Single line
Multiple line

Examples of column types that do NOT work on alerts on views with filters:

Yes/No (The one I was using)
Calculated Field

In the end, I managed to fix my issue by changing the [YesNoColumn] into a Choice one.

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