I have a SharePoint 2013 workflow that is started programmatically. I am trying to pass a custom value to the workflow. The code to start the workflow looks like this

var payload = new Dictionary<string, object>();
payload.Add("Test", "Hello World");
var workflowServiceManager = new WorkflowServicesManager(site.RootWeb);
workflowServiceManager.GetWorkflowInstanceService().StartWorkflowOnListItem(workflow, itemId, payload);

How can I access the value in the payload parameter from within the workflow? I was so far unable to find any kind of documentation on how to do this. The value needs to be set dynamically at runtime, obviously "Hello World" is just a test value.

WorkflowServicesManager workflowServiceManager = new WorkflowServicesManager(web);
var workflowInstanceService = workflowServiceManager.GetWorkflowInstanceService();
var workflowInstances = workflowInstanceService.EnumerateInstancesForListItem(listId, itemId)    ;

Once we get the workflow Instance, we can get the instance properties as shown below. Any properties in Workflow Initiation form will also be available:

foreach (var instance in workflowInstances)
    var propertyValue= instance.Properties["Property_Name"]; //in your case it is Test

follow below link for more detail http://ranaictiu-technicalblog.blogspot.in/2013_05_01_archive.html

  • This does not suit my case. I want to access the value from WITHIN the workflow as in an activity, not programmatically. – Hatch Oct 1 '14 at 13:54

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