We just encountered a problem in our site - 95% of the security permission settings that we had in place were lost.

We have added them back manually and suspect we have added them back 95% correctly but maybe we've forgotten some of them.

Is there a script we can run to see what the current security settings are? This will be a great future reference if the above ever happens again.

Ideally the script would include Sub-sites, doc libraries, web-parts, lists and which Groups or individuals have permissions to them. Also the level of permissions would be great to include e.g. Read, contribute etc.

I have lots of slq experience but do not know where to start with this script so cannot provide an initial attempt at the script.


you can use powershell script which mentioned in this answer

$siteUrl = "http://.." 
$site = Get-SPSite $siteUrl
$site.RootWeb.SiteGroups | Select Name, Owner, Roles
$site.RootWeb.RoleDefinitions | Select Name, BasePermissions

There is a nice sharepoint 2010 solution http://sushi.codeplex.com/releases/view/61586 with security report

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