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I want to attach multiple file in my infopath form. I already put attachment control in my infopath form. my problem is when I click the attachment file it can't open and appear.

Please help me on how to attach multiple file in infopath form 2010?

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As the duplicate only suggest what can be done, following is more helpful:

To create a multi file attachment control in InfoPath, you can make use of a Repeating Table that has a File Attachment as one of its fields.

Perform the following steps to create a multi-file attachment in InfoPath:

  1. Add a Repeating Table with 1 column to your InfoPath form template.

  2. Go to the Data Source task pane and double-click the field under the repeating node for the Repeating Table.

  3. Change the Data type to Picture or File Attachment (base 64) and click OK.

  4. Right-click the field in the Repeating Table on the InfoPath form template, and select Change To, and then File Attachment from the context menu that appears.

That is how you can attach multiple files in InfoPath.


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  • Thanks for your solution Asalan, but I already create what you sugest, but after i publish the infopath and click attachment. it can't appear – spj Sep 30 '14 at 4:18

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