On SharePoint 2010 i have many wikipages containing a table. Is it possible to view the content of that page in vb.net using the client object model?

I tried to get the file code using a stream but the text i get is a lot of asp.net code (with the placeholders) but not the html code/content from that page...

    Dim fileAlgemeen As SP.File = Nothing
    Dim siteUrl As String = "https://portal.xx.be/sites/kdb"
    Dim ctx As New ClientContext(siteUrl)
    Dim credentials As NetworkCredential = New NetworkCredential("xx", "xx")
    ctx.Credentials = credentials
    Dim web As Web = ctx.Web
    Dim relativeUrl As String = "/sites/kdb/596/Algemeen.aspx"
    Dim file As SP.File = web.GetFileByServerRelativeUrl(relativeUrl)

    Dim fileRef = relativeUrl 

    Dim fileInfo As FileInformation = SP.File.OpenBinaryDirect(ctx, fileRef.ToString())

    Using fileInfo.Stream
        Using sr As StreamReader = New StreamReader(fileInfo.Stream)
            Dim line As String = sr.ReadToEnd()
            lbl.Text = line
        End Using
    End Using

The following example demonstrates how to read and update wiki content using SharePoint CSOM (VB.NET)

Sub Main()

    Const siteUrl As String = "https://contoso.sharepoint.com/kb/"
    Const userName As String = "username@contoso.onmicrosoft.com"
    Const password As String = "password"

    Using ctx = New ClientContext(siteUrl)

        Dim credentials As NetworkCredential = New NetworkCredential(userName, password)
        ctx.Credentials = credentials

        '1. Read Wiki content 
        Dim wikiFile = ctx.Web.GetFileByServerRelativeUrl("/kb/Pages/Welcome.aspx")
        Dim wikiItem = wikiFile.ListItemAllFields

        '2. Update wiki content
        wikiItem("PublishingPageContent") = "<h1>Welcome to the SharePoint!</h1>"

    End Using

End Sub

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