What is the correct powershell syntax for finding all list items in a given list where a Person field matches a user retrieved from Get-SPUser?


$user = Get-SPUser -web *web* -Identity *domain\user*

$listItems = $web.Lists["*listName*"].Items | Where-Object $_.["*personField*"] -eq $user

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Here's something I wrote for another project:

Function Convert-SPFieldUserValueToSPUser {
    param (
        [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListItem] $item,
        [string] $fieldName

    ($item.Fields[$fieldName]).GetFieldValue($item[$fieldName]).User | Write-Output

Then, you can use this function as follows:

$userLogin = '*domain\user*';
$listItems = $web.Lists["*listName*"].Items | `
    Where-Object (($_ | Convert-SPFieldUserValueToSPUser -field "*personField*").LoginName -eq $userLogin);

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