how to I can set friendly url for a list item?

I need set the Friendly Url in an item of a determined list





Does anyone knows how can I do that?


This is not easy task, you have to create an event receiver and use Managed Metadata terms. to get this done.

  • Create Site Columns & Content Type
  • Bind an Event Receiver to Create the Navigation Term/Friendly URL
  • Bind the Event Receiver to the Content Type
  • Configure Your Navigation Term Set & Site Collection
  • Deploy the Solution to your Site!
  • Search Configuration
  • Finally! Configure ListItemDisplay.aspx

Read this blog for details...Friendly URLs for SharePoint List Items

Or go below for codeplex version.

Friendly URLs for SharePoint 2013 List Items

  • I can bind the EventReceiver with List Instance? – Andres Williams Sep 25 '14 at 19:13

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