I want to create one SharePoint Hosted App. In this app i have to access other SharePoint intranet site's list data, this site is in different web application. My apps site url is http://appssite.mycompany.com and web application where i want to access data is http://intranet.mycompany.com. Both this sites exist on different web applications.

I want the way, we can access other SharePoint web (not hosted web) data using CSOM in SharePoint Hosted apps.

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If both the sites are not in the same tenancy or web application, then a SharePoint-hosted app cannot get data from the other site. This is by design. It is for security reasons to block cross-domain scripting attacks. You will need to use a SharePoint provider-hosted app or a SharePoint autohosted app.

Access denied, from an app, when getting List items from a different web applcation

Using JSOM or REST get list items stored in a different web application

  • Thanks Anchal! If this is true then it's bad news for me because we lots of site like leave mgmt, room booking, cab booking etc on other web applications.
    – SBP
    Commented Sep 24, 2014 at 8:12

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