Is there a way to combine two list in cswp?

  1. Get all list items from "car" list
  2. Get a spesific item from "plane" list

(path:"company/Lists/car" (IsDocument:"True" OR contentclass:"STS_ListItem")) AND (path:"company/Lists/plane" (IsDocument:"True" OR contentclass:"STS_ListItem") title:"airbus")

Both lists have the same default columns!

If I write :

path:"company/Lists/car" path:"company/Lists/plane"

it returns all items in both lists..

Update solution

Found out that I had to use OR instead of AND in my query. (query text) OR (Query text)


(IsDocument:"True" OR contentclass:"STS_ListItem") AND ( (path:"company/Lists/car") OR (path:"company/Lists/plane" title:"airbus") )

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