I am attempting to move a document from a document library from its source list (that has a workflow assigned to it), to another list that has its own workflow assigned to it using SharePoint Designer 2010. The problem is the item is never copied over. When I test copying the list item to another list that does not have a workflow assigned to it, the item is ALWAYS copied over.

The workflow is as simply as this: Copy item in Current Item to Destination List then Delete item in Current Item

NOTE: the workflow initiates whenever the document is modified.

Is the workflow assigned to the destination list causing the problem? If so, does anyone know how to remedy this?


  • Are you getting any error while copying file to destination list? is there any event receiver attached to the list? – Aanchal Sep 22 '14 at 14:07
  • No errors. No event receivers. Interesting though, I have 3 lists that all begin with the same 4 letters (AAAB). When the workflow runs, it doesn't copy the item to the list I specified, but goes to the next list with the same 4 letters (AAAB). This third list will act as an archive of all completed documents, and this is the list that does not have a workflow assigned for it. – J-man Sep 22 '14 at 14:48

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