This is my first question on this site.

My task is to make a Book lending list in Sharepoint 2007. Requirements are:

  • I need to store who has the book, from date - till date
  • Users can request books, from when they want to have it, and till what date, and there is an approver who approve these requests
  • After the request approved, the status will be "borrowed"
  • If you borrowed a book, you can request to lengthen the time till you want to have it
  • If the book status is borrowed, other users can make a request to borrow it after it has been returned

What would be the best way to make this list?

Thank you so much in advance.


There a Lending library template available for Sp 2007

The Lending Library application template helps people manage the physical assets in an organization's library. The application template tracks general properties about the physical assets and which user has currently checked out the asset. It also provides a librarian dashboard to help identify currently available and overdue assets. Automated e-mail notifications can be sent to borrowers who have an overdue item.

Download here Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Application Template: Lending Library

Also have alook on this link:

How to manage Book Lending Library in SharePoint?

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