I'm updating choices in a list field and want them to be stored alphabetically, however when I try to sort the choices I get the following error:

$web = Get-SPWeb "mysite"
$list = $web.GetList("/list/url/AllItems.aspx")
$field = $list.Fields["File Under"]
$field.choices = $field.choices | sort

"Choices" is a ReadOnly property.
At line: 1 char:8
+ $field. <<<< choices = $field.choices | sort

Is there a way around this?


There is no direct way to do this neither in powershell nor in C# code.Ideally you should sort values while displaying .

Create a temporary array, add all the choice fields, sort it and remove previous values in SharePoint and again add the new values :-P

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  • So I'm clear, you're saying I should create a sorted temporary array, then remove all the choices from the field, and re-add the choices from the temporary array in the new order? – bdx Sep 18 '14 at 6:09
  • yes, that's correct. But before implementing this on prod environment. Check what happens to the old records. I have not tried this approach. – Manu Singh Sep 18 '14 at 6:11

Actualy you can do somethinf like this:

$field = $list.Fields["Test"] 
 $xmlSource = $field.SchemaXml
 $xmlData = [System.Xml.Linq.XElement]::Parse($xmlSource)
 $allchoices = $allchoices|Sort-Object -Property Value
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