I am trying to deploy and use a web part developed in SP2010 that requires connecting from a SP2010 server to a SQL server. I get the following error (greatly abbreviated):

The requested service, '[blocked; this is not what it says on the error]//_vti_bin/PSI/Lists.svc', could not be activated. See the server's diagnostic trace logs for more information.

I saw nothing in the logs from ".../14/logs/" that could tell me anything. When I check the Lists.svc at that location in IIS, it brings up an error page, noting that the config file could not be accessed due to not having permission.

In fact, when I added the "_vti_bin" folder as a Virtual Directory, it gave me the warning that it wasn't sure if the account I'm using even has access to that path.

So what are the errors, and how do I fix the configuration errors?

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