I want to get an item from TermStore. I have my string something as Menu & Ali. Also, in the previous iteration of my code (which is irrelevant w.r.t the query) I had added item by the using the same string i.e. Menu & Ali. But now when I am trying to fetch it using the below snippet, I am unable to get the term.

Term trm = trm1.Terms.GetByName(parentName);

Though the term name is still the same but these are not matching ("Menu & Ali" || "Menu & Ali"). On analysing this over and over again (using notepad even), I found that the two strings are no longer same. It is basically due to the & present in the string.

Can anyone help me / guide me the way to work this out? Is this related to the lcid (which is 1033 in this case)


Have a look at the TaxonomyItem.NormalizeName method

Try changing your code to

Term trm = trm1.Terms.GetByName(TaxonomyItem.NormalizeName(parentName));
  • Thanks!! Though I was using CSOM approach for this, but yeah you pointed me in the right direction. – Amit Sep 18 '14 at 6:49

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