I am using sp2010. I have a library with 10 content types. These 10 content types are needed. In the ribbon there is a button "New Document". When you click on the arrow you see a dropdown menu with all the contenttypes. Is it possible to see only 3? For example the first 3? Maybe some css hacking to set the height and remove scrollbar?

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Go to Library settings -> then click "Change new button order and default content type". From there you can select which content type to be shown on new button.

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And programmatically you can do this by:

SPContentType oCT = spList.ContentTypes[ctName];
oCT.Hidden = true;
  • I know this option. But I would like to stil use the other content types. Like for example when I click on edit properties. I would like to see there all the contenttypes. Only in the dropdownbox in the ribon "Add new document" I would like to show only 3 contenttypes.
    – Ola
    Sep 17, 2014 at 8:59

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