I am using SP2013 I would like to remove the My Settings entry in the menu.

My Settings

I removed the Personal Permission on the Read role of Visitors group, but no luck.


I have to disable it for all sites. (so I won't use CSS)

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Are you looking for a no-code solution ? If you are OK with using JQuery or CSS and

If you are Using custom master page, you can refer the CSS in the master page so that the link is hidden on all the sites.

If you are using the default sharepoint master page you can use a delegate control to inject Jquery/CSS without modifying the master page.

Here is a link to get information on delegate control.


I have done several solutions to this. It's simple ...

Just open the SharePoint Designer, open your SharePoint, go to "All Files", after that click "_catalogs" then "masterpage" and open the "seattle.master" in Advanced Editing.

Go to more or less line 90, will contain a div with the id "suiteBarRight". Within this div contains all the menus of the "Settings".

Look up to find the menu with the id="MenuItem_Settings".

enter image description here

If you see this menu, it contains a tag called "PermissionsString", I recommend you leave at least a full control permissions of webApplication.

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