we restored the 2010 user profile DB to 2013,we are getting the issue when we are clicking on like MySite "AboutMe"

I am getting the error like "unable to load user profile" I checked the issue I am unable to start the user profile syn service,when I am clicking to start,for some time it was showing starting starting again I was going to stopped stage.

Can you please any one help on this issue.

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try adding an account you use for the User Profile Synchronization service to the local admin group. Restart the timer service and click start again.


have you already tried to Restart the Sharepoint Timer Service ? www.msserveradmin.com/sharepoint-2013-user-profile-synchronization-service-will-not-start


the answer is simple I've been trying to solve that for days just make sure the right service application proxy is mapped so to speak with right web application.


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