• I have created a custom result source "special results" at CA-level
  • A search result page is created in the search center, searching only "special results"
  • The dropdown in the search center displays "special results, Everything, Conversations..."

I connected the global search center to some other random site. This site only displays "Everything, Conversations, ..." and "special results" is missing. This blog post suggests that I am out of luck: SharePoint 2013 Search Settings and Search drop down menu.

Is the solution really that I have to adjust each and every sub-site's settings of the search dropdown and recreate the default links to the respective result sources (Video, Everything) and add my own link to my "special" result source? Also: When doing so the "search this site" result source is missing - am I supposed to add a manual link to ossearchresults.aspx?

How could I script this if I really have to do this for every web? Where to the navigation nodes reside?

Once more in short: I want my search dropdown look like so:

  • Special Results
  • Everything
  • Conversations
  • Videos

I want to define the dropdown once (in the search center) and I want all other sites to inherit from that. It seems that this is not possible and I would have to recreate the search dropdown for each and every site.

  • What does "I connected the global search center to some other random site" mean? – Matthew McDermott Sep 13 '14 at 12:00
  • Site > Site Settings > Search Settings > Search Center URL means "connected" to me – Dennis G Sep 13 '14 at 12:02

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