When the users get a an email notification from SharePoint, they get that from an email account. Something like sharepoint@email.com.

I want to change the account the email notifications are sent from. I do NOT want to change the email of the administrative account, but the account itself. So it will be sent from newaccount@email.com

Anyone know the steps in order to achieve this?

  • You can configure the outgoing email name to anything you want. Just a heads-up. Sep 11, 2014 at 12:18

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Navigate to Central Administration -> System Settings -> Email and text messages section -> Configure outgoing e-mail settings.


You can change it via central admin:

  • Directly go to this link http://CAurl.com/_admin/globalemailconfig.aspx
  • Central Admin> System Settings> Configure outgoing e-mail settingsenter image description here
  • Or use the powershell

    $SMTPServer = 'mail.dotnetsharepoint.com' $FromAddress = 'jlakshmitulasi@dotnetsharepoint.com' $ReplytoAddress = 'jlakshmitulasi@dotnetsharepoint.com' $Charset = 65001

    $CAWebApplication = Get-SPWebApplication -IncludeCentralAdministration | Where { $_.IsAdministrationWebApplication } $CAWebApplication.UpdateMailSettings($SMTPServer, $FromAddress, $ReplytoAddress, $Charset)

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