I've got a value stored in a cookie and I want to use it in the Query Text of a Result Source.

In the article Query variables in SharePoint Server 2013 I don't see anything obvious to try. It does mention you can use {Request.<PropertyName>} which is a value from the current http request - for example, {Request.Url}, but it doesn't say what else in the Request you can use.

Any information on what else is available in Request or any other ideas?

I'm using a cookie because I want to maintain this piece of information as the user browses the site. This information will come from a dropdown selection the user can make in the header.


Just a wild guess, but have you tried {Request.Cookies("MyCookie")}

  • Doesn't seem to work. If I look at the Query Text in the TEST tab of the Build Your Query dialog, {Request.Url} actually gets replaced with the URL, however {Request.Cookies("MyCookie")} doesn't get replaced with the value in the cookie and remains as {Request.Cookies("MyCookie")}. I tried {Request.Cookies["MyCookie"]} as well but no luck. – MLF Sep 15 '14 at 15:25

While the documentation sounds like the member will be resolved via Reflection, the acutal implementation simply calls HttpRequest.Item Method which returns:

The QueryString, Form, Cookies, or ServerVariables collection member specified in the key parameter. If the specified key is not found, then null is returned.

So you only need to have a unique cookie name that does not collide with the other sources. For example if you name your cookie "MyCookie" you can easily use a search query like:


I hope that helps somebody, even the question is old.

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