I followed this popular guide to do a CQWP of one or more blogs.


Everything works, except I would like to know how to make the Post title bold, eventually edit the date field to add 'Published on', eventually make the comments number as a clickable hyperlink to be taken to the page of the post.

I found this other page that added an attribute H2 (heading) to the display title but even tho I think I copied the parts I wanted properly, the whole CQWP crashes.

(apologies, there was a wrong link) this is the right one http://www.justanothertechnologyguy.com/2012/03/altering-way-blog-posts-look-in.html

Basically I want to know how to properly edit in XSL. I have tried to place "h2" and "/h2" (with proper tags) where it seemed logical but it did not work

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  • Can you provide your template so we can see what you've tried? – Eric Alexander Sep 8 '14 at 17:15
  • it is in the links I have provided. What is now (and working) is in the first link, what I attempted to add is the second part written in the second link (the one that is called <!--Start of the HTML rendering -->). I have tried both pasting the whole lot (changing the name to my style name) or only the title header 'h2'. – susan Sep 9 '14 at 7:20

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