My SharePoint 2010 solution has two projects, one responsible for the back end (WCF web service) and one for the front end (webparts). I added the DLL from the back end to GAC via Visual Studio Command Prompt, should I do the same for the front end DLL?

It is in the .wsp solution file, but when I deploy and attempt to add a web part, it gives me an error:

A web part or web form control on this page cannot be displayed or imported. the type could not be found or a web part is not registered as safe.

While I am investigating the latter, I think the former is the actual problem.

  • did you deploy the solution via Visual Studio or Powershell? it should be IN GAC on All server in order to work properly. – Waqas Sarwar MVP Sep 5 '14 at 22:48
  • I used command prompt to run a .cmd that calls on a Powershell script. So, Powershell in an indirect way. – Chris Sep 5 '14 at 23:08
  • did you add -GACDeployment in your script? – Waqas Sarwar MVP Sep 5 '14 at 23:09
  • But only the back end DLL is in GAC. Should I add the front end one via VS command prompt? – Chris Sep 5 '14 at 23:18
  • Yes, I added the -GACDeployment parameter to the InstallSolution cmdlet – Chris Sep 5 '14 at 23:30

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