This issue may look strange. I will try to explain in several steps.

  1. I have one sharepoint online site with one document library and 4 content types associated to this document library. All content types are office documents.

  2. I want to create one document by using associated content type to document library. So when I select the content type from the new dropdown, office document will open in my machine (Client machine).

  3. I created document and saved back to library. For all the steps above I used test1@mysite.com account.

  4. I followed the same steps to create one more document by using the test2@mysite.com in the same physical machine and saved back to the same document library.

  5. Now if I see the document properties for the document2, eg., modified by, it is showing the test1@mysite.com account only. But in this case it should be test2@mysite.com.

  6. If I remove the test1@mysite.com from the accounts in office document then it is asking for user name and password to open the document. But ideally client will not do this step all the time.


How to open an office document (using content types) with the currently logged in user from the sharepoint site to local machine?


The problem is the word - word always saves files to sharepoint using the credentials of the user logged to the PC. One solution is to use Web app server - you don't mention the sharepoint version. Another to save it locally and upload it.

  • I mentioned as Sharepoint online.. so it will be 2013 version only :) Yeah agreed problem with the word.. There is no solution for this? – Mihir Sep 5 '14 at 9:20
  • You are right about sp 2013. I had a conversation with an MS guy about removing the ability to log on as different user. Among other problems, I remember saying about Word saves. – XristosK Sep 5 '14 at 12:49

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