What I'm trying to do is build a dual purpose JavaScript that might run inside or outside of SharePoint, so I need something like this:

if(SharePoint CSOM Exists)
//Do a bunch of stuff involving the SharePoint CSOM as well
//We can run outside of SharePoint as well

Is there a standard for doing this? My hunch says it's just if(SP){} but wanted to double check.


I think the style of script you're writing is probably fairly unique in the wild (how do you handle authentication if you're in the non-SP case and you use something like a REST request, for instance?) so you may not find a genuine 'standard' for doing this -- but checking for the SP object being initialized would be sufficient in most cases.

If you wanted to be a bit more specific, I would actually check for SP and SP.ClientContext since practically everything in the Javascript Client Object Model relies on the ClientContext.

  • The JavaScript in question does not really need authentication. Most of the SharePoint stuff is adapting styling and using SharePoint modals.
    – tekiegreg
    Sep 3 '14 at 20:02

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