I'm create a Web Part like this. Open VS 2013 -> New Project -> App for SP -> SP hosted app. Then I add Client Web Part and named it AppPart and I've made some changes in Elements.xml .

<Content Type="html" Src="~appWebUrl/Pages/AppPart.aspx?{StandardTokens}&amp;BGColor=_BGColor_" />
  <Property Name="BGColor"
            WebCategory="Custom Settings"
            WebDisplayName="Background Color"
      <EnumItem Value="R" WebDisplayName="Red"/>
      <EnumItem Value="B" WebDisplayName="Blue"/>
      <EnumItem Value="G" WebDisplayName="Green"/>

Inside AppPart.aspx I made some changes:

<script src="../Scripts/AppPart.js"></script>
<div id="content" style="width:200px;height:200px">
    <h2>Hello from AppPart</h2>

And I'm also have AppPart.js file like this:

var sProp = decodeURIComponent(getQueryStringParameter("BGColor"));
document.write('Value of BGColor : ' + sProp + '</br>');
function changeBGColor(color) {
switch (color) {
    case 'R':
        $("#content").css("background", "Red");
    case 'B':
        $("#content").css("background", "Blue");
    case 'G':
        $("#content").css("background", "Green");
        $("#content").css("background", "red");


And then I deployed it. Go to my site -> Page -> Edit -> Insert -> App Part -> Select my apppart. BUT, problem is, the background of div content doesn't change, even when I'm hard code like this in my AppPart.js it still don't effect or even when I use console of chrome and type like this, I got error (Cannot read property 'css' of null).


So, what am I missing, I don't know why jQuery don't effect to my AppPart.

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    make sure your stuff shoud be into $(document).ready(function(){ // add your stuff }); – Jignesh Rajput Sep 3 '14 at 9:57

An App part (from a SharePoint app) is rendered as an iframe when placed on a page.

Hence the scripts that are loaded on the page where you place it will not be added to the iframe. An iframe is a completely separate document with its own DOM.

So you would have to load in jQuery also in your app part, by using a <script type="text/javascript" src="PATH TO jQuery"></script> style of tag in the app part itself.

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