We are using below code on our web application master pages inside SharePoint 2003 to make scroll bar position always on top.

function MoveUp() {
            if (window.parent.document.getElementById('WSSMainContainer') != null)

            if (window.parent.document.getElementById('MSOPageViewerWebPart_WebPartWPQ2') != null) 
                window.parent.document.getElementById('MSOPageViewerWebPart_WebPartWPQ2').scrolling = 'no';
                window.parent.document.getElementById('MSOPageViewerWebPart_WebPartWPQ2').style.overflow = 'hidden';

                if (window.document.body.scrollHeight > 1400)
                    window.parent.document.getElementById('MSOPageViewerWebPart_WebPartWPQ2').style.height = window.document.body.scrollHeight + 100;
<body onload="MoveUp();"> ....

Now we migrated our application to SharePoint 2013 and the same code we are using is no longer working.

Anyone experience the same issue?

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SharePoint 2010 and 2013 scroll within a div called s4-workspace not within the parent window. Based on looking at your script coming from 2003, I think this might need a major re-work...

Here are some examples of other questions that have dealt with scrolling issues that have a lot of good background on how scrolling works in modern installations (since it's non-standard... thanks Microsoft!):

Of particular note, in the 3rd link you'll see this line, that might help with what you're trying to accomplish:


You should be able to set that to 0 in order to make sure you're at the top of the page, but I'm less sure what you'll need to modify to recreate the inner-webpart behavior from the original.


Adding a simple jQuery to this works like a charm in SharePoint !!

$("#s4-workspace").animate({ scrollTop: 0 }, 500);

Late answer though !!

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