I am trying to update a SPListItem metadata properties after inserting this document into a document library.

Fortunately though the CSOM, this is quite easy:

private void UpdateListItemProperty(object value, PropertiesEnum prop, ListItemCollection listItems, ClientContext ctx)
            foreach (ListItem li in listItems)
                li[EnumHelper.GetDescription(prop)] = value;

Unfortunately, I also have to do it Server Object Model, in context of SharePoint, and it does not populate boolean/date fields. Stangely, not ALL text fields populate either, but definetly some do. How do I update properties this way?

private static void UpdateListItemProperties(SPListItem listItem)
listItem.Properties["MyFirstTextField"] = "Blah"; //works fine
listItem.Properties["TextField_x0020_WithSpace"] = "string"; //doesn't work
listItem.Properties["MyFirstBoolField"] = true; //doesn't work

Wehn I say works/doesn't work; I mean the list item properties are not updated.

Ideally I don't have to rename the columns that i am already populating fine through CSOM, just to be able to populate them through SP.

Note: in CSOM it actually uses a ListItem and in SOM it uses SPListItem

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    did you tried removing x0020 ? Sep 2, 2014 at 4:04

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First thing to try:

listItem["MyFirstTextField"] = "Blah"; //works fine
listItem["TextField_x0020_WithSpace"] = "string"; //doesn't work
listItem["MyFirstBoolField"] = true; //doesn't work

Remove the Properties part.. The above actually consider you provide the Internal name of the fields, the internal name is obviously different from the display name.. I hope you are already aware as you replace space with _x0020_

  • No I most certainly was not aware, as that is exactly how IT IS required when you use the CSOM
    – baron
    Sep 2, 2014 at 6:43

It turns out that CSOM requires the 'encoded' names, i.e. TextField_x0020_WithSpace

If you use the server object model, in context of sharepoint, you can just specify it with the space:

listItem["TextField WithSpace"] = "value";

It's an awesome undocumented feature of sharepoint that wasted a cpl hours of my time.

Isn't it great how to do the exact same thing, you have to write two completely different sets of code!

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