How can i get task list with itemId programatically? Task list has a column named ReletadeItems, but this is formatted string,json.

I have ListItemId(ID) value, I want to get task list by this ListItemId with Caml query.

I can get all task list items and with foreach loop, parse reletadItems, then get ItemId. But I think this is not the apropriate way. I want to write caml query and getItems with caml query. How can i do that?

Forexample; this is reletadeItems value:


I want to get task list items with ItemId..

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For those who are trying the same using CSOM.

Step 1: First query the list in which the workflow is running with Item ID - 2

Step 2: Read the Field name which is created with your workflow name. 'VetriWorkFlow' is the workflow name and field name.


Step 3: In this field you will be able to see an instance id. Capture the same and pass it to 'WF4InstanceId' column in Workflow Tasks list.

<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='WF4InstanceId' /><Value Type='Text'>#instanceID</Value></Eq></Where>

Result: You will get the list of tasks that are created for the list item 2.

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