I have added a content search web part, and I select the following layout settings:-

enter image description here

The output was very poor regarding the layout:-

enter image description here

So can I do the following modifications:-

  1. To have the items displayed inside a table (something similar to the App part’s Newsletter view template)?.

  2. I tried to display more info about the items buy using a “;” as mentioned in the above picture. But seems the current layout only allow viewing two properties only?

  3. From where I can change the web part colors, styles , etc? I cannot find a way using the SharePoint designer 2013?is defining a custom CSS the correct approach to follow?

  4. i want to chnage the date format to be something such as 02 Aug 2014 , instead of the defualt format?


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In short, you will need to create custom Display Templates (both a control and an item template).

I would suggest the following MSDN pages:

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