I am planning to use GetFieldValueAsHtml in CSOM world and I am not able to find that method for FieldMultiLineText class

Let us know how to get this method in the CSOM world.

But that method is available for SPFieldMultiLineText and not for FieldMultiLineText

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    actually there is such property in SP.ListItem, called get_fieldValuesAsHtml() (JSOM). Aug 27, 2014 at 19:10

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List Item class exposes ListItem.FieldValuesAsHtml Property, the following example demonstrates how to retrieve FieldValuesAsHtml property for a List Item:

using (var ctx = new ClientContext(url))
     var web = ctx.Web;
     var file = web.GetFileByServerRelativeUrl("/Shared Documents/SharePoint User Guide.docx");
     var listItem = file.ListItemAllFields;
     ctx.Load(listItem, i=>i.FieldValuesAsHtml);

     var fieldVals = listItem.FieldValuesAsHtml;

Just using ListItem.get_item("richTextField") will return the value of your field as HTML -- that is how sharepoint stores multiline values.

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