I've built a sharepoint hosted app that contains a single App Part. This part can be inserted in any page by adding a new App Part through the ribbon. This all works fine.

Now: The App part automatically adds the app part title (from Elements.xml) in the webpart-chrome, linking to the full-page application start-page.

I would like to remove the chrome (so title, and spacing) from the app part. Is it possible to do this from JSOM (html5 message like with resizing), or can I set this up from the Elements.xml file?

Note: This is not CSOM, only JSOM using the new app model. This means no server side coding, just a single app part that loads a page in an iFrame.

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AppPart page can be edited using JavaScript or CSS. AppPart title can be changed using JSOM. Use GetLimitedWebPartManager.

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