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var liEnum = colListItem.getEnumerator();

        var oLiCal=liEnum.get_current();                                   
        var eventStartDate = oLiCal.get_item('EventDate');  
        var eventEndDate = oLiCal.get_item('EndDate');  

        var eventStartDateLocaleString = eventStartDate.toLocaleString();
        var eventEndDateLocaleString = eventEndDate.toLocaleString();

        console.log("server start date is: " + eventStartDate); 
        console.log("local start date is: " + eventStartDateLocaleString);

        console.log("server start end date is: " + eventEndDate);
        console.log("local end date is: " + eventEndDateLocaleString);

The result I get is the following:

enter image description here

I am located at central time zone.


I'd recommend Moment.js. MomentJS

It's a fantastic lightweight library I've used many times within a SP context, handy for those ISO formatted dates.


var dateformat = "DD MMMM YYYY"; var formattedDate = moment(eventStartDate).format(dateformat);

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