I'm developing two custom display templates (Control and Item template) and I'm wondering if it is possible to share script members between these two templates, e.g. if I add something like var bar = 'bar'; in Control_MyTemplate.html can I reference it in Item_MyTemplate.html with var fooBar = 'foo' + bar;? Or do I need to extend the ResultScriptWebPart and add the property on the dataprovider? So far I tried adding the variable in a <script> container and in one of the scriptblocks with no luck.


Sure you can.

It's JS code after all and you could either use a global variable to store your information or the provided ctx object.

Here' a example for both possibilities:


    window.ThisIsGlobal =  "this works !";
    ctx.MyVar = "THIS WORKS !";


  • ah...I forgot to attach the member to the ctx object. Now it works like a charm, thanks! – Stig Perez Aug 21 '14 at 11:46

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