I'm developing a Custom WebPart to retrieve data (based on certain queries) from a SqlServer and Oracle databases:

  • The data should be displayed in a grid/table/etc with sorting, filtering and pagination;
  • Some queries may return a big number of rows (40000+);
  • The Custom WebPart must have a "Sharepoint look and feel";

What is the recommended way to access and retrieve data without much performance degradation? Using a GridView? Using Jquery Datatables?

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Create an External list and add a list view webpart. You will have the SharePoint user experience.

You can use SharePoint Designer as well as Visual Studio for this.

  • Thanks for the answer. With this approach can I display data on the list based on user input? Eg.: - User defines on two dropdowns the min and max price and press a button "Search"; - List only shows products between min and max price. Is this possible? Commented Aug 20, 2014 at 14:41

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