Although I have worked on modifying the CSWP and Display and Item templates, I am very new to SharePoint 2013 search configuration.

I have a requirement of setting up basic search for a portal migrated from MOSS to 2013. I do not need a dedicated Enterprise Search site collection but just a "Search this Site" Result Source at each subsite giving results for that subsite.

It should point to the OOB results page present at each subsite and show the results.

I have created the Content Source and have run full crawl once.

Do I need to create an Enterprise Search Site collection(which I do not want to)or I can link my content source directly without creating one.

I want to understand in detail what I am doing wrong and what I should be doing. How should I be linking my content source to the search application

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if you create search center then it is really easy to manage search result presentation and customization.


But if you dont want a separate search center then you have to make sure the follow thing.

  • How do you make sure the search service application is associated with the web app?
    – matt
    Mar 31, 2015 at 19:00

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