I have a SharePoint server with 10GB RAM & sql server with 10GB of RAM. now i want to create a new site collection inside our SharePoint server 2013, so i wrote the following command:-

New-SPSite -Url "http://vsps01/kb/CustomerService" -OwnerAlias "***\***" -Template "ENTERWIKI#0"

but currently it took around 30 minutes and the command did not finish yet , and there is not error. also when i check the "View All Site Collection" link inside the CA, I found that the site collection was created, but if i try navigating to it i will get http 404 page not found, can anyone advice?


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Couple of things to check.

  • How many site collection you already have in the web app & Sizes?
  • stop all the unwanted services on the SharePoint server. If you use the scripted installation then you have all services running.So please stop all unwanted.
  • how many web applications you have, if you have more web apps, just delete the unwanted or stop their app for time being to testing.
  • check the database autogrowth settings. should be min 256MB auto with unlimtied groth.
  • also check the drive space on the both sql server and sharepoint server.
  • If antivirus enabled, please stop it then try.
  • Enable verbose logging and invoke the new-spsite command, then examine the logs.
  • i have only one web application and 2 site collection. my SharePoint server RAM is 10 Gb , and the sql server RAM size is also 10GB
    – John John
    Aug 20, 2014 at 13:41

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