I am using SP2010. I have enabled mailing to a library (email enabled library). The received emails are saved as .eml files. When I click on the .eml file the browser open this file. But I don't have the outlook functionality like "answer, forward, forward all etc.".

I would like to open the .eml files in outlook. Is this possible?

I am using :

Win 7

Outlook 2010

IE 11

ps. in firefox it is working fine. In chrome it downloads the file when I click on the .eml file. After it is downloaded I can open it, and it wil be opened in Outlook. But I would like to make it working in IE :)


If you have access to PowerShell, try this:

First check to see if eml is an permitted Mime Type. Look for message/rfc822

$webApp = Get-SPWebApplication("http://yourwebappurl")

If it is in that list, remove it


Here's a lengthy explanation of browser handling of Mime Types.

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