I am trying to deploy a SP web part to a new SP server. I read that I need to set up a WCF Service first before I can deploy it. I have all the files used from the web part's first deployment and verified that, with a few line alterations, that the code should be fine to recompile on the new SP server.

The files already have a .svc file, which is verified to be fine. I am trying to follow guides on hosting a WCF service and I'm a little lost on them since I already have the .svc. I know it's not as simple as dropping it in the /_vti_bin folder, so how do I proceed?

The SVC file is written and used for SharePoint 2007. I am using SharePoint 2010.

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Start with creating a new web service using VS and SP2010, this should be good way to start with .


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