When users provision a Blog on their SharePoint 2013 MySite, the Site Title is called "Blog". Thus when a crawl is done, the search results say "Blog" as the title. Is there a way to change the title to say something like "DisplayName's" Blog ?



You change it, there are couple of ways.

Method 1 using the GUI, this should be done by every user.

via site setting Site settings >> Click on Title, description, and icon Link under "Look and Feel", Change the name and description as per your requirements!

Method 2: You can use the powershell.

    #Get the Web
$Web= Get-SPWeb "http://your-sharepoint-site.com"

#Set the Title & Description
$Web.Title = "Marketing Portal"
$Web.Description = "Marketing Portal"

#You can change the Quick Launch/Treeview navigation also (If its not a Publishing site):
$Web.TreeViewEnabled = $True
#Update the changes


Method 3: create an event receiver once a user provisioned his blog site your event fired and change the title according to your requirement.

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