I want to backup and enterprise wiki site collection inside my SharePoint 2013. so i did the following:-

central administration --> backup and restore-->Granular backup --> Perform a site collection backup. then i type c:\backup\c.bak .

but currently the backup never stops , and the c.bak file was not created . i checked the user permission and he can write to the c:\backup folder.

and the backup screen , keeps showing the following :

Status: Caution A site collection backup is currently in progress.
Status: Okay No export is in progress.
Status: Okay Timer service is running

can anyone advice ?

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Couple of things to check:

  • Make Sure Farm admin accounts having the write permission on the path.
  • try to use different path
  • Make sure the site is not locked
  • check the ULS / Application Logs for clue.
  • Also try to take the backup from powershell to isolate the issue.

    Backup-SPSite -Identity <SiteCollectionGUIDorURL> -Path <BackupFile>

  • Some IIS reset on App server fix the issue.

please share the result.

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    +1 to Waqas, use powershell to backup your site. Make sure to not inturrupt the powershell process. Aug 12, 2014 at 18:08
  • yes using power shell the backup worked well!!
    – John John
    Aug 13, 2014 at 10:10

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