I am receiving the below error when trying to customise form in list. I could edit the list in infopath before but now I am receiving this error. I created a new list in the same site to check if its working but receiving the same error across the site. I am able to do it for another site. Can anybody please help and provide a solution.. I have been trying hard but couldnt get any clue.

Warning message : Infopath cannot generate a form template for the Sharepoint list.

  • I had the issue too, and for me it helped retrying again and again and suddenly it worked. – Heidi Dec 4 '19 at 12:29

Please check if the below feature is enabled in Site Collection features.

"SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features"

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Thanks for your reply. The issue is resolved . I just rebooted my system and restarted all the applications which worked for me.

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If you are on the Datasheet view in SharePoint and try to edit the form in InfoPath, it will also throw this error.

If this is the cause, just switch from "Datasheet View" to "Standard View".

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