I am writing a query for phone numbers in search so when you input any part of the number it is returned by the search. I tried using this :

(MobilePhone:{subjectTerms} OR 
PhoneNumber: {subjectTerms} OR 
OfficeNumber:{subjectTerms} OR  

This only works when you put the whole number in, putting an * at the end of each {subjectTerms} only returns the number if you input what it starts with Say if I had a number 123456789 and inputted anyone of the following 123,345,6789,4567 and 123456789etc it will return the people whose number matches the query


We had the same problem. Microsoft didn't have a solution on this problem so they made a ticket on it.

The only way I think of is to trim all numbers and duplicate those in another column. Then make a custom input field for search and put the * at the end before requesting a new search.

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