I'm trying to write an InfoPath form from code.

I'm working with the xml of a form, and when I write a date it gives me no error but when I open the form in SharePoint and click on Save, it says that the dates are not correct, exactly it says:

Date Field "Only date allowed"

Note: I have tried with different formats and even that the format is the same that is showed if you choose a correct date.

Note: I use to write the xml element the next code:

writer.WriteElementString("my", "EntryDate",null, "");

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Check the properties of the date control. Set data type to Text (String) and change format to XML (Click format button and select "None" option.


  • thanks Ali, but I prefer if possible not to change the data type, is ok being date. Aug 8, 2014 at 10:05

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