How can I display an SSRS Report in an iFrame?

Is there some setting somewhere to enable the content to be viewed?

I know bing allows their page to be viewed in an iFrame, whereas google does not.

This is what I get when I place an iFrame WebPart on my SharePoint page.

iFrame Error Message

Later, I want to be able to display this report on another site, so I want to use the iFrame feature.


Check if X-Frame-Options is set to SAMEORIGIN on the SSRS web server? You can check it in web.config or using the IIS management console

Few links which may help you:



Is there a way to disable X-FRAME-OPTIONS response header, or at least modify it?

  • REVA, your answer led me closer to the solution. I made sure that my url had the same protocol and domain, and it worked. However, I am interested in allowing a different origin to access this report in an iFrame. Do you know of any other resources directly related to that? – RyanNHG Aug 7 '14 at 15:55
  • You can try X-FRAME-OPTIONS ALLOW-FROM siteurl, however it may not be supported in all browsers. – reva Aug 7 '14 at 17:07

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