My search basically just has one scope to crawl everything. Can someone provide me with brief overview or link to guide to:

  1. setup a new scope to filter results
  2. Setup managed and crawled properties for field to exclude on
  3. set the value of such field for the exclusion.

What I am trying to do is exclude search results on a list based on a value of a field. For example we have a list called catalog which contains seasonal items. When it is not that items season, its status field is set to inactive.

  1. So how do I go about creating a scope to look at status property and exclude result when it is inactive?

  2. Is this managed property something I could add other crawled property "statuses" to so that I may exclude "inactive" things on other lists in the future.


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Let me try to answer your questions:

  1. You create your query like:

    {searchboxquery} status:active

    For that you need of course a Managed Property (create it in the Search Service Application and map the values of your custom column to it. The custom column creates a crawled property once it was crawled usually prefixed with ows_ followed by the columns name). So when you search the {searchboxquery} will be replaced with the query from the textbox and the status:active limits the results to items with a property called status and the value active.

  2. The managed property is filled per item - not once per farm or something. You could do that, too - but I think that is not what you want.

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